Kid'z Corner

USA pottery

I really enjoy getting to know my Pottery pieces more so because each one is different with its own character. Literally every piece has been loved dearly, filled with life as it filled a small place in lives I love most! I think the hand crafting evolution is beautiful. Everything made from the typography of the land around its origin made it unique. From dirt n clay to divine pottery we look for today. The Creative Touch of each artesian that sign their name or stamped a Makers Mark left a bit of Mystery behind every piece of clay. I used to take for granted the ceramic pots in my garden, its kinda easy to do. Oh my goodness the amount of terracotta I have overlooked and then those colorful pieces blending in the drapes of living texture. A bit o vintage makes beautiful Greenery worth the stand. Maybe inherited a green thumb in the dirt of the women in my family. Most if not all would rather move the earth and enjoy the outdoors. I know my grandmothers preferred a lil dirt n flowers over dinners or showers.